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Lion Crocodile attack

Attaque lion crocodile dans le park national de sèrengèti en tanzanie Lion Crocodile attack africa fight animal tanzania lac victoria elefante cocodrilo ataque león cazando serpientes sabana crocodile attack elephant lion rabzou35 hunting snake savannah attacco di coccodrillo ataque de leão crocodilo Лев крокодила атаки ライオンワニの攻撃 Lew atak krokodyla singa serangan buaya هجوم أسد تمساح leopard

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  • minh do hace 4 años

    fucking music too lound

  • leomike100 hace 4 años

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  • lxrambitoxl hace 4 años

    simplemente maravilloso con los cocodrilos ni las palomas se salvan son bravos es impresonante la creacion de JEHOVA lo k no entiendo por k creo a los humanos para k cagen al mundo con sus tontas guerras sus injusticias y su maldad todavia no es arde empesemos a recapacitar para lograr un mejor mundo  NISSE

  • byniokonkret hace 4 años

    you`re stupid. Maybe You`re like this gnu and U`re so scary

  • byniokonkret hace 4 años

    AWESOME!!!!Give more films like that. Music is exellent too.

  • Edgarin3816 hace 4 años


  • Mayapur Messi hace 4 años

    Tiger 1 on 1 kills biggest of crocodiles
    Tiger 1 on 1 kills bull, male athletic, muscular Gaurs, bigger stronger than buffalos
    Tiger 1 on 1 even have killed elephants

    Lions 1 on 1 NEVER ever kills lesser buffaloes (once in 1000 tries, small crocodiles, NEVER EVER an elephant.
    20 Lions to kill 1 bufalo (1 on 1, 99% lions run for their life)
    20 Lions Run from 1 crocodile (rarely kill)
    20 Lions RUN, always from 1 elephant

  • 伍百萬 差し上げます hace 4 años

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  • FERREIRA CALIXTO hace 4 años

    you’s my’s ly’s if ea iusmaislaizifi

  • TheWindowsvista14 hace 4 años

    c’est impressionnant la puissance que peut dévelloper ce saurien

  • thebookofcreation hace 4 años

    nice music in the beginning….

  • 123456patriots hace 4 años

    is that a movie where those lions fight and stuff the one that looks like its been edited, if yeah whats it called

  • Balenza345 hace 4 años

    Stupid video and stupid music.

  • Amber Cameron hace 4 años


  • MUZIKACEOZIVOT011 hace 4 años

    whats the name of a song

  • Gavin Stallone hace 4 años

    another liar on youtube you a fucking knob sack hope you die in a car accident you fucking cunt and im taking your mum out later give her another good seeing too

  • heebuckle40 hace 4 años

    Why do you people need top put shit music to something that does’nt even fit?

  • selectrick hace 4 años

    annoying fucking background noise (music?)

  • aluizio soares hace 4 años

    the best lion

  • Calinn86 hace 4 años

    i always report these videos, but youtube doesn’t give a crap about it, it seems.. but then again, it’s hard to check up every single video i suppose

  • donteverlietome hace 4 años

    This is a great video.
    Don’t let the title throw you. There is some awesome footage here.

    I suspect the confusing title is due to how the French word things.
    In English it might have been, “ lion and crocodile attacks.”
    Or, “attack of lions and crocs.”

  • CJealouse hace 4 años

    Ur a fuckin illerterate porche monkey

  • SuperRoOKieZ hace 4 años

    Music video wild !! nice

  • ferdi fals mania hace 4 años

    is beautiful

  • mexijeffS hace 4 años

    Ok, the title was a little misleading, but I did a month trip through Serengeti area/Tanzania/Zanzibar and you’ve got to admit this compilation of video is amazing! Kicks the crap out of what I captured!